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When you don’t feel good, it’s hard to give your best to life. At Inner Strength Chiropractic, we want to help you get back to your best. We treat each patient with the care that would be best for your unique conditions and personal health concerns. We focus on giving quality care to each patient that is tailored to each individual’s likes, needs and comfort level to help you get better as quickly as possible in a way that feels comfortable for you.


Inner Strength Chiropractic

Dr. Hedrix uses many different techniques from very gentle to very firm and discusses and tailors that approach uniquely to each of her patients. On your first visit, she will consider your history, examination findings, any diagnostic testing or previous care, conditions, your goals. She is sensitive to your preferences and comfort level to create a treatment plan for your unique needs. She is passionate about patient education and believes her patients should be given the information needed to understand their conditions and causes.

At Inner Strength Chiropractic we believe that when you feel better you can live your life better. Getting you out of pain and back to loving your life is our goal. Once you are feeling fabulous again, we like to partner with you to keep you feeling great and offer suggestions on wellness care, ergonomics, home exercise programs, supplements, and anything else that might be helpful for you to maintain your goals in your life.

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